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Download Yeager - Monster Hunter game

Yeager is a 3D action role-playing

 monster hunting game set in an alien


You take on the role of Yeager, an elite

 Vyderan hunter who is tasked to locate

 and retrieve a stolen Vyderan artifact.

 Your mission will take you across the

 mysterious Planet Ekors, where the

 deadliest creatures and darkest

 secrets dwell. Hunt ferocious beasts

 and make acquaintance with alien

 races as you make your way towards

 the sealed secrets of the Vyderan clan

 and the lost Empire.

Yeager features an intuitive, action-

oriented combat system that allows

 you to choose from five powerful

 weapon classes — Hunting Sword,

 Force Hammer, Fury Blades, Flux

 Blaster, or Eidolon Spear — to engage

 fearsome creatures up close, weaken

 them by breaking body parts with

 flashy combos and signature moves

 from your weapon class, and move in

 for the decisive kill.

You can also hunt Beasts for Kallar-

infused Beast Parts to forge and

 strengthen your equipment. Equipment

 forged with Beast Parts may also take

 on the appearance and traits of the

 Beasts themselves.

The brand-new Kallar Ambers and Art

 Cores are also a great way to upgrade

 your hunter's hunting efficiency. Pair

 different Kallar Ambers and Art Cores

 to unlock unique effects for each

 weapon class!

Navigate your way through vast forests

 and winding canyons while uncovering

 the many secrets hidden on Ekors. But

 beware the monsters snapping at your

 heels! Pit your skills against highly

 challenging marks with unique

 movesets and attack patterns!

Enjoy realistic HD-quality Beast-hunting

 action and next-gen cinematics

 powered by physically-based rendering

 and motion capture technology.

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