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get uc in pubg mobile

       Everyone is looking for a way to charge the PUBG Mobile game and many online games, and these days this is no longer impossible!

Information about the game PUBG Mobile

 Battlegrounds), is a massively multiplayer online game and survival game released on March 23, 2017, available on Windows and Xbox One devices and two versions were released in early 2018. For iOS and Android platforms developed by Tencent, which has cooperated with Bluehole to release the game on mobile phones, and it works with the same engine as the original version. The original version was developed by Bluehole on Unreal Engine 4. It contains Arabic.

playing style

It is played in a first-person or third-person shooter style, with up to 100 players each aiming to be the last survivor. Players can choose between servers where the player is alone and not in a particular team, or servers that allow two or four people to participate in the team. In all cases, the last person or team surviving wins the match.

At the beginning of each match, players parachute out of a plane onto an island without any items in their possession. Once they land, players can search buildings and other locations to find weapons, vehicles, and other equipment, which are randomly distributed throughout the map at the start of the match.

game development

Lead designer Brendan Greene, better known for his internet flick PlayerUnknown, had previously created ARMA 2 mod DayZ: Battle Royale, an offshoot of the popular DayZ, inspired by the 2000 movie Battle Royale. At the time he founded DayZ: Battle Royale, circa 2013 Irish-born Greene lived in Brazil for a few years as a photographer, graphic designer and web designer, playing video games like Delta Force: Black Hawk Down and the US Army.

The DayZ mod became popular with its realistic military simulation and open-ended gameplay, and he started playing with a dedicated server, learning to code on the go. Greene found that most first-generation shooters are very repetitive, considering the small and easy-to-memorize maps. He wanted to create something with more random aspects so that players didn't know what to expect, creating a high degree of replayability; This was done by creating much larger maps that could not be memorized easily, and by using random placement of items across them.

Greene was also inspired by an online DayZ competition called Survivor GameZ, which featured a number of and YouTube players fighting until there were only a few left. Because he wasn't a streamer himself, Green wanted to create a similar gameplay that anyone could play. His initial efforts in this mod were more inspirational than the novels of The Hunger Games, where players try to compete for centrally located weapon stocks, but they steered clear of that in part to give players a better chance of survival by spreading weapons around, also to avoid copyright issues with the novels. In inspiration from the movie Battle Royale, Greene wanted to use square safe areas, but his lack of coding experience led him to use circular safe areas instead, which persisted into battlefields.

professional professional competition

To celebrate the game that has sold more than 2 million copies, Bluehole announced a 2017 charity sponsored event, inviting 128 players to compete on the official channel to raise money for the Gamers Outreach Foundation, with Bluehole donating the entire donation amounting to $100,000. . The competition began in early May 2017, and raised a minimum of $120,000 in viewers, along with a $100,000 Bluehole match, serving as a prototype for the game's future esports events. . During the Gamescom event in August 2017, Bluehole and ESL organized their first Battle Tournament, with a prize$350,000. Events were held for single players, two player teams, two player teams installed in first person perspective, and teams of four players. Each event featured three matches, with the player or team scoring the highest points across all three selected winners.

It is true that UCs are very difficult to obtain, but there are many ways that you can use to win these UCs, for example, converting gift prizes such as gold, classic packs, chests, supply vouchers, all of these prizes give you the opportunity to convert them into UCs and for free

Get Royale Pass you need to get about 600 Uc which you can only get from buying from real cash. Yes, the official and straightforward way to get UC is from real cash out of your pocket. But hey, I am not saying that this is the only way to get UC, there are many other ways but they are all indirect ways and you will not find these methods in any of the other websites or videos on the internet.
The best way to get free UC skins in PUBG MOBIL
This is a free way to earn UC and I recommend if you want free UC then after you buy Royale Pass from your UC then don't use other UC you get Royale Pass you use to get another Royale Pass.

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